Life in Loops

Documentary | A 2006 | 79'

  • Directed by: Timo Novotny
  • Music: Sofa Surfers
  • Language: English, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Spanish with eng. subtitles
  • Distributor: Filmladen
  • Funding: Filmfonds Wien, Österreichisches Filminstitut

  • www.lifeinloops.com

Participation in over 65 International Filmfestivals
5 Awards - Dialëktus IFF - Cindedays M
Grand Prix A I’Est du Nouveau Festival du Film
Best Documentary 41st Karlovy Vary 2006


‘Life in Loops’ is a remix of the award-winning Austrian 1997 documentary ‘Megacities’. In ‘Megacities’, Michael Glawogger, depicts the chaos of the world’s metropoles. Novotny complements 30% of material taken straight from the film (and re-edited) with 70 % as yet unseen footage in which he blends original shots unused by Glawogger with his own sequences (shot by Megacities cameraman Wolfgang Thaler) from Tokyo. ‘Life in Loops’ is not just a question of recycling but also an alternative interpretation of Glawogger’s footage. Using a loop to depict life in a big city, Novotny takes the viewer on a trip that interprets the metropolis in a completely different way to that shown in the original. The film takes the viewer to strange, dark and otherwise impenetrable parts of Mexico City, New York, Moscow, Mumbai and Tokyo and presents a cast of characters: like the man in Mumbai who changes colour every day and the pimp in New York who sells imaginary prostitutes. ‘Life in Loops’ a new form documentary with re-mix and the sound track created by Sofa Surfers as key elements. ‘Life in Loops’ won the main award at Karlovy Vary Film Festival. (written by CPH:DOX)

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